Sunday Worship


The one time each week that the whole church gathers together for worship is Sunday mornings at 10:55 a.m. We are a multi-generational church that has many ages and many style preferences, but we put those all aside on Sunday mornings to worship God. The fact is that worship is not about us but it is about Him.

We have a lot of variety on Sunday mornings from a traditional orchestra one week to a worship team with choir to a college praise team. It’s all of the body of Christ leading the church in worship.

Our emphasis is on the Word of God and the preaching of the Word by our pastor along with the fellowship of the body. We love Sunday mornings.

Youth Worship   


Youth worship meets on Sunday nights during the school year. This is not only a time of great fellowship for the students but a time of biblical instruction by our youth minister, Chuck Miller. The worship is led by our youth praise band.


The youth praise band is an assortment of young musicians coming together to lead a congregation of students in worshipping God through contemporary Christian music. Guitarists, percussionists, vocalists and individuals equipped to run PowerPoint combine their gifts to glorify God through uplifting and encouraging songs.


Children’s Worship


We are excited to offer a worship experience geared especially for our children. Making the transition to "big church" can be a little overwhelming for some families. So we offer an alternative for our k5 through 2nd graders. The children begin the worship hour in the main service where they can participate in praise and worship, prayer, offering and special events. Then we transition to the children's worship room where the children participate in a lesson specifically for children which includes child friendly elements such as an object lesson, game, craft or special surprise that drives home the main lesson idea.


Children's Worship is offered to give parents an option in building the firm foundation we strive to build for our children. We are constructing Kids for Christ by teaching them to build their lives on the Lord Jesus Christ!


Deaf Worship


Our Deaf Ministry have their own worship service at 10:55 a.m. on Sunday mornings in our chapel. They meet every week except the last Sunday of the month on which they join our service in the sanctuary with an interpreter.


They are led by our deaf minister LaRance Hall and they love to worship. We turn the bass way up and they worship with a melody in their heart. They sign with their own rhythm with or without music.


We love having the deaf community be a part of our fellowship. They are a vibrant group that love to fellowship together.