RBC History

In 1911 some local Baptist saw the need to start a church in the middle of the town of Roebuck near the train depot. From this vision came Roebuck Baptist Church, which over the past 100 years has developed a rich tradition in our community. RBC is a Southern Baptist Church that holds to the truth of Scripture and conservative values. We are a family oriented church that includes programs for all ages and practices a blended style of worship.


We are very active in our community and support many local ministries as well as missions all over the world. Many of our members serve on local boards and volunteer their time in the community. Please check out the ministry pages on this web site to see what we offer and to see if this is where God wants you and your family to worship.

The mission of Roebuck Baptist Church is to glorify God through worship, witness, fellowship, and ministry, from the hearts of our people to the ends of the earth.