Sunday Morning Bible Study

Our Sunday morning Bible study is really the backbone of Roebuck Baptist Church. It is in these small groups that people can really get to know others in the church who are their own age and have similar interest.

We have around 30 different classes beginning with the bed babies and going through senior adults that meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. Many of these classes have special social events throughout the year and have their own network to help those in their class who have special needs. When a class member is going through a difficult time in their life it is comforting to know you have a group of believers who have been praying for you and will help you face those times.

Mike Mobley is our Bible Study director and he has put together a great group of teachers who take their ministry seriously and pray for their class members.

To find a class for yourself or for your children just ask one of our greeters and we will direct you to one for your age group. Soon we will have a listing of all our classes and teachers on this web page so you can know where to go before you arrive.



In addition to our Sunday morning Bible study classes we offer short term classes on a variety of subjects. Most of these classes run during the school year for about 13 weeks and they change every semester.

The new Disciple Life classes begin in September and then again in January. We will be offering two crown financial ministries small group classes. Class size will be 8 persons per class. You can secure your place in one of these classes by emailing Doug Cobb at dougcobb1@charter.net and asking him to hold a space for you.